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Your partner for your expansion in the UK.

" A rapid and efficient team, ADVENT UK guarantees that your missions will be carried out in complete confidentiality. "

ADVENT UK is a dynamic team of bilingual and bicultural British professionals. We have lived or worked in several countries in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland), and have travelled and sometimes worked in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, the Carribean, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Egypt, Singapore, Jakarta and Australia.

We have lived and worked in the USA. Our international background has made us sensitive to the many different cultural and economic environments.

On and off the Eurostar, we travel between London and Paris, and elsewhere in Europe, in order to offer a personalised service to our clients. We are active members of the Franco-British Chamber of Commerce in Paris.

Patricia Goodenough:
She set up a PR company in Great Britain. Many years spent working for a private Swiss bank. Director of the London branch of the Franco British Chamber of Commerce, member of Institute of Directors.


Our Services :
- UK Ltd Company
- Management Limited
- Commercial Office
- Accountancy
- Bank Account
- Fiscal Residency

Our Network :
- Advent-uk.com
- Advent-uk.co.uk

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