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April / Avril 2010

" Euro consolidation ..."

" Battle on capitol hill ..."

" New ADVENT UK representation in UKRAINE ..."


Euro consolidation

EURO CONSOLIDATION - Our United Europe seems to be having some headaches; basic differences of opinion on bailing out Greece, Greek Government bonds are now "junk" (such a nasty word), the Germans have come up with a legal reason why they cannot be in the bailout party, the Euro is on a see-saw, there is rain in Spain, the looming UK elections look like father, son (go for it Cameron!) and holy ghost (where on earth did Clegg come from?), AND we’ve all lost money & time due to the Volcanic Eruption. The Euro is supposed to be a reputable and sustainable world currency, the Eurozone caretakers should unite their team fast and all face in the same direction and consolidate!

Patricia GOODENOUGH, ADVENT UK London - 29.04.2010

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