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UK : Your turn key Limited Company.

Your turn key Limited Company.

Advent UK creates your Company in the UK, for you wherever you are resident.

Establishing and registering your company with your chosen name domiciled in London:

- Certificate of incorporation.
- Two copies of constitutive act and statuts "Memorandum and Articles of Association".
- The company stamp.

You also get:

- A London corporate headquarters.
- Company Secretary nomination.
- We open your company business banking £ GBP, cheques and international card of company.You can open a bank account anywhere in the world with a bank that recognizes British Limited company registrations. We prepare the documents for your company business banking account, and can introduce banks in different jurisdictions in Britain and Europe.
- Accounts in Euros or $ can also be opened..


You can now start your activity without extra expenses.


Minimum annual expenses:

- Corporate Headquarters

- Company Secretary

- Annual declaration to Registrar of Companies

Book Keeping accountancy and annual accounts on estimate quotation only.


Our Services :
- UK Ltd Company
- Management Limited
- Commercial Office
- Accountancy
- Bank Account
- Fiscal Residency

Our Network :
- Advent-uk.com
- Advent-uk.co.uk

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